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Marie-Aimée Piriou, avocate à Paris

Marie-Aimée PIRIOU was sworn in in 1992 after a masters degree in private law at the University of Paris II and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in economic and social law at the University of Paris IX.

Her firm's main activity is social law, social security law and literary and artistic property law. Marie-Aimée PIRIOU chose to practice this profession with the conviction that quality legal assistance and the defense of a position could not be achieved without personalized support and attentive listening.


She strives to fulfill her mission as a lawyer with this permanent concern, by assuring both companies and individuals of her responsiveness.

Also a member of the office of the Committee Against Modern Slavery, Marie-Aimée PIRIOU participates voluntarily in the defense and protection of the most deprived.

"I support my clients in many cases in litigation and advice in the following areas: dismissal, harassment, working conditions, safety obligation, company agreements, work accident, PSE, Labor inspection, Franchise, litigation commercial, Negotiation, GDPR, Internal investigation."

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